Kid Crafts | Plant Cups with a Face

Germinating seeds is always a fun project to do with kids.  A perfect activity for summer afternoons.  There is a great tutorial from By Wilma for germinating watercress seeds.  Somehow the customized aces on the cups make it all the more appealing.

Family Fun | Raising Chicks

I've always wanted to raise chickens but thought it might be too much work.  After a lot of internal debate, extensive reading and talking to people who have done it, I finally decided to take the plunge and go for it.

My plan was to start with pullets, but Z & L convinced me otherwise.  So after a visit to a local feed store, we walked out with five little chicks.  And now the journey begins.

Any helpful hints for raising happy, healthy chicks?  

clockwise from center:  Butterscotch, Coco, Chipper, Bandit, and Snowball

Retailer Spotlight | Momease Baby Boutique

Momease Baby Boutique is a relatively new store north of us but already has established a strong community presence.  After speaking with Lyra, you can understand why.  Her enthusiasm coupled with impeccable research make her and her store a valuable resource for parents in the community.  If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello.

Momease Baby Boutique
#121-5325 Cordova Bay Rd.
Victoria, BC
What year was your store established?
We are still a "toddler" in terms of a baby store. We opened Momease Baby Boutique doors for the first time in May 2013, but definitely hit the ground running right from the start!

What motivated you to start your baby store?
My two children. During my first pregnancy I began doing a ton of research into new & innovative parenting products and I wanted to make these great products more accessible in our area & online.
Inspiration behind the name of your store?
I really feel that all of the innovative baby products that we carry in the store help to make parenting young children just a little bit easier - hence the name "Momease Baby Boutique."

What best describes your store's personality?
Fresh, fun, modern & welcoming! With so many great "regulars" coming into the store on a weekly basis, I really feel like heading to work is an opportunity to visit & catch up with friends! We also LOVE the "shop local" initiative & work to help promote & support other local small or home-based businesses in our community by featuring their products in our store.

The best part of your job?
Meeting so many wonderful people in our community. I love connecting with new or expectant parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles & working to help find the perfect parenting products to complement their needs & lifestyle.

What is the one thing you wish you knew prior to opening your store?
How quickly I could fill a small boutique with amazing products! There as so many ingenious options out there for today's parents that it's really hard to narrow it down to a select few. All the more reason that we're currently working hard to launch our website at later this year & expand our boutique online!

What is your favorite ZoLi product?
The ZoLi BOT is a major favorite in our house! The weighted straw makes this sippy cup absolutely ideal for your toddler's first few unassisted sips. We also love the the ZoLi Matties silicone place mats for pairing with our portable high chair & as a craft surface to protect our table from stray crayon marks & felts!

What's your favorite song?
Ha, ha - that's an unexpected but great question! My throw-back favorite would have to be The Police "Every Breath You Take" as it's such a classic! For a current fave, my boys & I regularly enjoy a good dance-off to "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.

Momease will be launching their website soon so you can check out all her goodies online at